Journal of Jesus Christ

Христос Воскрес

Celebrating The Truth of Final Victory of Life over Death

I was going into the ceremony yesterday morning prepared to celebrate the victory of light over darkness just as the first of May is a day that celebrates Spring and final victory of summer over winter and life over death.

During the ceremony I felt deeply connected to the medicine and felt the effects very powerfully. I was experiencing ecstacy as my suffering was alchemized into laughter and loud weeps. I felt safe and supported by Kay’s presence as the glorious power of love was beginning to awaken and embodied. My loudest wails during the ceremony is when I felt the heart connection with my Divine Mother Wolf, which reminded me how much I am longing to reunite with her. Towards the end of the ceremony, when I opened my eyes and looked at nature outside, I saw it as a familiar tapestry of wolf heads, which is what I always see when I’m deeply connected to the medicine.

When I went for a swim after the ceremony, I was swimming, dancing, laughing, singing and playing with different types of moves that are naturally unlocking under the effects of the medicine. I was celebrating the victory of life over death and the Truth of the love that I know I am. I was basking in the joy of being the masterpiece of my true, authentic nature.

Later, on the way to the kitchen, as I was passing by Kay, she greeted me and with a beautiful, warm smile she told me: “thank you for today’s ceremony, it was awesome.” Which was a relief and joy to hear because I still feel a bit worried of being too much for others in a ceremony even though I do the best that I can to process my trauma with mastery as I courageously step into my true power. Those sweet words of gratitude from Kay felt like I was finally seen, accepted and encouraged of my power by another human being. The power of love is the most powerful force in the Universe and it’s here to stay and rule the world forever. Love is also the wisest, the cleverest and the most intelligent and it’s revealing and embodying itself most wisely and strategically.

The celebration of love’s victory continued in the Maloka when I danced in front of Kay to a song called “Freedom Song” by Curawaka. The lyrics of the song beautifully aligned with the entire theme of the ceremony and the awakening of love that is now happening personally and collectively in our world. It was a great joy and a healing experience to express my beauty in dance and being fully seen by a woman in my soul’s authentic expression through movement. We also listened to an Ayahuasca song called “We Come to the Forest” which was also a bonding and healing experience for me.

After the celebration in the Maloka, I needed to go for another swim and I enjoyed relaxing and cooling off and continuing being unapologetically myself, playing as a new born child with the wisdom of a true king in the river.

I am doing the best that I can every moment, everyday to embody the Truth of love that I know I am. I am love, I am light, I am life, I am Truth. I am able, able, capable, I am absolutely impeccable.


Hero of Might & Magic

The cards are speaking In a royal sort of way
It’s time to play a new kind of game
Warrior, magician, lover and king
In every moment I only win
I come to this world from a higher dimension
Every step a strategic intention
I’m a hero of might and magic
Shamanic martial arts is my chosen profession
True love and liberation of humanity is my heart’s inspiration
Golden gates of Paradise and a legion of archangels
Prepare yourself for illumination
And open yourself up for liberation
The Truth of True Love’s Revelation


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