Journal of Jesus Christ

Христос Воскрес

The Best Investment 

While having my first 5g heroic dose magic mushroom trip, sitting on a computer chair in a dark closet, in my studio apartment in La Mesa, on March 21, 2017, I felt like I was going to die, and one of the things that came up for me was, my big safe full of gold and silver bar and coin savings, worth approximately $500,000, including off-shore physical silver investments I had at the time. I felt disappointed, that I wouldn’t have the chance to spend that money, as I felt detachment and letting go of what was important to me at that time. I also felt like Scrooge McDuck who has been greedily sitting on a stash of wealth.

And here I am in the jungle of Iquitos, Peru, 7 years later, with $2,142.02 remaining in my bank account, at the time of this writing, with the only source of income being about $150 a month coming in from my Clever Techie YouTube channel. 

What happened is, I have fully devoted all of my time and energy to my spiritual journey for these last 7 years, working with psychedelics, self understanding and development. My journey, during these 7 years, has been absolutely epic and heroic, and it also cost me about $500,000. The good news about my financial situation this time is that I don’t have any bills, I have paid to stay here at AyaMadre for one year, and my first house is in the process of being built here. 

Even better news this time, is that I have won the Holy Grail and I know the Truth. I know that the entire Universe is helping me manifest the Truth that I know. I know that all the wealth of the world is mine, I know that the entire Universe is mine, I know that all the praise, love and glory is mine forever. I now have infinite wealth, the most precious wealth being spiritual – love, life, Truth, salvation, immortality. I now have infinite abundance. 

How is that for a return on investment?

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