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Христос Воскрес

The Joy of Conscious Movement

I’m starting to get into a more disciplined routine here at AyaMadre. I wake up around 6am as it begins to get light. I first drink Renaco master plant in the morning l, which is part of my dieta at this time, it gives me physical strength and I feel like it’s healing my body’s pain and tension. I do my conscious movement right after drinking Renaco, connecting with the medicine and listening to the intelligence of my body. My body is getting naturally stronger without putting in much effort, I am noticing that I am becoming stronger, more flexible and cut. The plants are working their magic in my body and the conscious movement routine that I have been doing everyday is helping me to get to know my body even better everyday. I am now unlocking the master of martial arts, that has been dormant within me for a long time, which magic mushrooms and Ayahuasca kept showing me on my trips.

What’s magical and beautiful about my way of mastering my body and the conscious exercise routine I am developing is that I am actually able to enjoy it. I want to keep strengthening my body and unlocking new moves and more flexibility because I want to, it brings me joy and there are many health benefits. Contrast that to my workout routine in my twenties, before psychedelics when I lived in the matrix – I experienced so much pain and exhaustion at the gym that my whole body would be in pain after a workout and all I could do after coming home is crash on the bed and take an hour long nap. My body has taken years to recover from the shock, trauma and pain I have caused myself by working the weights in the gym and I feel like I’m still recovering from it on some level.

Mostly though, moving is becoming more joyful, graceful and easy everyday as I am unlocking my true body’s potential and mastering movement. The plants are guiding and teaching me how to work with the body more skillfully and intelligently. I am getting to know and feeling every muscle in my body and I am able to work those muscles by tensing them up and doing simple body weight exercises and movements that I have developed by listening to my body’s intuition. I am becoming conscious of my body while doing any activity and learning beauty, ease, grace, balance and presence of wholistic, conscious movement.

I also combine conscious movement with self massage which helps me gain hand and arm strength, dissolve any pain or tension and get to know my body more. As a result my body is thanking me for taking such great, loving care of it and it’s becoming more joyful to be in this magnificent, magical body everyday.

What a joy it is to be in a healthy human body.

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