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Mastering The Alchemical Process of Shamanic Healing

These are the keywords that were important elements of my day ceremony on Wednesday, April 10, 2024:

Gratitude, love, concentration, power, liberation, joy, symbiotic empowerement, inner child healing, mastery, hummingbird medicine, receiving, confidence.

I felt the power of the icaros a lot more. I felt a lot of gratitude for Maestro and Maestra while they were singing to me, and I felt the healing power of gratitude. As I was feeling gratitude for them, I was crying tears of joy and I was feeling my heart opening to love more. I felt like when the power of love was opening in me, it was empowering Maestra and Maestro and making their voices more powerful.

I felt the medicine of the hummingbird open up in Maestra’s voice. And this high pitched voice that she was singing with was healing my inner child that I feel in my solar plexus. I felt like it was healing my deep wounds of the inner child, and I felt the mother energy in her voice.

I danced to the rythm of the icaros and felt more connection to the songs by moving my body to the rythm. While dancing I am also being guided to keep my concentration because the primary objective is to heal myself. Dance and movement of my body is very powerful medicine for me, especially when applied skillfully with sharp concentration in a ceremony.

I feel the icaros on a deep level when moving my body, so moving my body helps me to move the energy and connect to the areas of the body that I want to heal. There are also moments when I’m guided to remain still, the medicine is teaching me how to move more skillfully every ceremony.

I’m also being taught the importance of concentration in a ceremony, and I can see where I had gaps of concentration, I later contemplate how it happened and I am able to refine it during the next ceremony.

This is a process of refinement that I have been working in the ceremony and while integrating and last ceremony I was happy with my results and I felt like Maestra also felt it because she said it was a very good and healing ceremony, and she was happy and grateful.

I felt the medicine very powerfully and the healing I received was also very deep with many great lessons, I also gained more confidence because of the level of alchemical mastery I have attained.

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