Journal of Jesus Christ

Христос Воскрес

Love is the Highest Currency

The construction of my house has begun, there is now noise of hammers and chainsaws near my tambo, but they don’t annoy me, on the contrary they make me happy, knowing five workers are working on building my first house. Now that I know that my house will be built for sure, my strategic alliance with Maestra Estella and the entire AyaMadre is solid.

A woman came here to AyaMadre on April 9, 2024, Miss K. who is planning to stay here for two months. I’m saying “planning” because I have a feeling she will be staying here longer and she already said she might stay here. Her and I have a special connection, I don’t think I have ever met anybody so kind, loving, caring, mature, awake, intelligent and conscious in my life. We have a very powerful, symbiotic relationship and we complement each other beautifully resulting in deep, embodied healing for both of us.

I am finally getting the love, validation and appreciation for all the love I have been cultivating in myself and longing to be recognized and reciprocated by another human being. She says “I am full of vitality”, “I am impressive”, she is “impressed by my intelligence”, that she enjoys being in the energy and mercy of my presence, that she feels safe being herself with me, that my child-like energy and nature is giving her permission to express her true self, and many other loving words of validation. We “get” each other and we compliment each other beautifully and most powerfully. We both feel safe to practice being our authentic selfs with each other and recognize each other’s beauty, gifts and loving qualities. I have known for a while, that when I meet the right woman, who is on the medicine path, things will start shifting in my favor exponentially.

We will now be having our creative expression and integration ceremonies in the Maloka, where we will have the space to practice being our beautiful, true selfs through poetry, singing, music, dance, sharing insights, integrating our Ayahuasca ceremonies, drawing, painting, story-telling, Oracle card readings, channelling, co-creating by improvisation, and opening up our fabulous gifts and talents by being, aligning with, and embodying our authentic, diamond selfs.

It’s time to receive the precious gifts of love, it’s time for love to lead the way, it’s time for justice of love. Love is the most intelligent, love is the wisest, love is the most powerful, love is Truth, love is pure genius, love is beauty, love is mercy, love is forgiveness, love is kindness, love is the highest frequency, love is the highest currency, love is life, love is light, love is life force, love is magic, love shamanism, love is joy, love is liberation, love is fair, love is enlightenment. Love is here to rule the world for eternity.

As an additional bonus, two other women are coming here this Sunday on August 14. Mr B. is leaving early Sunday morning and Mr S. is staying quiet and focusing on his dieta. So it will be Jesus and the ladies soaking in a hot tub of divine feminine love.

I am impressive.

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